WinProbe Corporation is a research and development company specializing in medical ultrasound. Our product, the UltraVision, produces high resolution B-Scan, Color Flow, Elastography, and Photoacoustic images in real time. The UltraVision is a compact, hand carry system, that pairs with a Laptop computer. The system is based on a single very large gate array chip that excels in computational power and can be reconfigured in the field.

The UltraVision can be equipped with 64 or 128 transmit/receive channels and optionally a real time elastography processor. Today the system is available as a Research Platform and is compatible with an extensive range of linear, curved and phased array transducers. The clinical product is expected in the first quarter of 2010.

The latest state-of-the-art analog processing chips are interfaced to the single field programmable gate array where the acoustic line processing is performed. The acoustic lines are then passed on to the Laptop’s graphics processing card for image production and to the PC for file storage via a standard high speed USB2 connection.

The UltraVision is a convenient low cost system for the researcher who needs the ability to program and modify every aspect of ultrasound and explore the new fields of elastography and photoacoustics.

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